Fads of New Gyr [SPONSORED]


My editor told me I should do a puff piece to offset some of the heavy journalism I’ve been engaged in lately, so here’s a quick list of some of the latest trends I’ve seen around the colony.

#5: Ultraviolet

Not only does it set the air abuzz with a delightful charge, it interacts nicely with any number of the bright colors and reactive paints to create a full palette of sensory shocks. Previously, the fashion-conscious simply dressed to take advantage of the light when it was available – but a few forward-thinking trendsetters have started to incorporate their own UV lights into their outfits, letting them take that otherworldly aura with them to all the most interesting dives.

#4: Loose Swords

As a dueling culture, it’s very common to see people carrying blades. It’s a lot more common lately to see those blades being openly brandished with no clear intent to use, or even to see them lying unattended where someone might not see them. I very nearly cut myself in the process of leaning against a wall, and only luck prevented me from having to seek out medical attention. I’m not saying don’t carry swords, people, but maybe prop your unattended weapons outside of seating areas and announce yourselves when carrying blades around corners or down stairs?

#3: Black

Nothing like the void of space draped across your shoulders to look both practical and stylish. Black is never out of fashion. Never.

#2: Space Shanties

Everybody likes a sense of camaraderie at their events, and there’s nothing like singing together to bring the energy of a room to a boil. Whether you’re on the water or in the sky, shanties are a great way to pass the time. Check with your local ship crews to learn some of the best!

#1: Being Kidnapped

Whether you’re a corporate executive, a visiting dignitary, a famous musician or the loved one of a well-placed engineer, it’s important to feel valued. Let’s be real a minute here, most kidnappings are done with a purpose in mind. Maybe it’s ransom, maybe it’s a political statement, but no matter the cause it highlights the fact that a kidnappee has value. So! Want to be at the height of fashion? Go and get yourself kidnapped!

… maybe arrange a simulated experience with some of your friends rather than risk your actual life and limb, though. Stay safe out there, everyone!