Silent Conversation on Board with Triskele Seeking to Replace Enterios as Corporate Sponsor

In a closed-door meeting with the Silent Conversation, representatives of Triskele expressed their wishes to replace Enterios as the sole official corporate sponsor of New Gyr.

The Silent Conversation requested Triskele to provide a proposal to this end.

The Triskele representatives indicated that they would also support joint-sponsorship with Enterios if that was necessary, though that was not desired.

Among other things discussed, Triskele indicated that “Augment Rights are Human Rights”.

“I like them better than Enteros,” Speaker Arlanna Ryf-Av said after Triskele was out of the room.

Another Conversation member noted that the only concerning component is that they don’t have an actionable plan that another member said. It’s not an assumption that we can make.

The overall attitude of the Silent Conversation appeared such that if Triskele can provide a solid proposal, that it would be accepted. Given the recent discussion about Enterios being suspected of assassinating the previous speaker, one has to wonder what this means for the future of Enterios on New Gyr.