Pro-Agerran Enterios Board Member Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

Quaid Rin-mof, a member of the Enterios Board, was found dead yesterday evening on the front steps of their apartment building in Three Stone Harbor. Rin-mof lived in the penthouse of the 8-story structure and appears to have fallen from a balcony there.

Authorities have not indicated if an investigation will be conducted, however Rin-mof has been long considered to be an outspoken individual on the board and has offered opinions that tend to diverge from mainstream Enterios ideology, so they likely had enemies that would benefit from their demise.

The Board member’s most recent project has been looking at options to invigorate the Agerren economy and attempt to dissuade Ya-Rett’s Irregulars from continuing the blockade. “It’s not about the profit potential,” he said. “We have a duty to do what is right. It is why we helped the Gyra people and it is why we must help Agerre.”

Rin-mof has been highly critical of the actions of Admiral Therra as well as Ya-Rett’s Irregulars. “This is a humanitarian crisis. The sustained bombardment cannot be allowed to continue. Therra has already destroyed one planet and we cannot let him destroy another.”

When asked for personal comment, members of Enterios employees directed this reporter to their press office.