Picks for The Vid Awards: Jacek Regolith

Since I’m not reporting on major and hard-hitting news as I count down to my last day with CNB, I’ve decided to tackle some of the movie reviews for the award nominees.

Agerre – Injured

The only thing Injured is the state of the Agerran film industry. This film highlights how hurtful the blockade has been on all aspects of Agerre life. Not only did armatures have to put together a weak film, but it wasn’t even an original work. One redeeming quality: the puns were quite clever, though it could have used more.

Baryos – Darkest Before

I don’t know who should be insulted more – the Dawnlighters or the audience. The brightest part of this film is when the lights come up after the credits.

Dor Len Sono – The Villagers in the Wind-Born Romance

Way too long, but about time Sen Cau Tori and Jan Tun Ren got together. Now if there is going to be an Agerran remake of something, I think this would be great. The entire series the film is derived from can consolidated into a short mini-series.

New Gyr – Dive

For all the emphasis of tradition, they seem to lost their way from this technique being good.

Maybe next time they will do enough flashbacks to when this technique was actually novel.

Ottsalia – Brilliant Chartreuse Running Dream

Lacks edge and is mediocre at best. It looks great but it’s just a retelling of a work the director did when studying in University which had much better symbolism.

 My Pick for the winner: Zé – Then There Were Stars

Political commentary and a forbidden romance, plus the Sunken style of film is really coming into its own. If more Zé films follow this, then I’m looking forward to seeing Sunken culture raise the bar for other movie studios. This is my choice for the winner.