Two Impossible Things: Innate Ritual Reaches Android’s Consciousess, Awakens an Adult as New Innate

An experiment designed by recent Innate graduate Galen Dosahe strove to test the boundaries of our understanding of Innate Science, and succeeded past expectations.

A circle of recent Innate Academy graduates assisted Galen in his effort to connect with Peacewalker Oro Prolix’s artificial consciousness. By speaking through energy, Galen theorized the organic chemical reactions of biological nerves could be translated to electrical impulses of circuitry.

After a painful first tentative step, the graduated class found something analogous to a human’s essence within Oro. They shared their vulnerabilities, strengths and intentions. Just as it seemed the group would lose their connection, an observer from the Pilgrims, monk Ume Sala Kim, seemed to fall into a trance sympathetic to the Innate’s. They stepped forward and joined the circle, and suddenly the group made contact with Oro Prolix’ consciousness through Innate telepathy.

After the ritual was complete, Ume Sala Kim was confirmed by the rest of the Innates to have not awoken to Innate talent, but to have spontaneously developed the ability.

More on this exciting scientific breakthrough as it develops!