Reda Ven-ry, Chief Marketing Officer of Atoll, on the Upcoming Vote

Notes in brief from a conversation with Reda Ven-ry, native of New Gyr, independent entrepreneur with a local education and CMO of Atoll for the past year.

Salient points of the Atoll plan:

  • No desire for a voting representative on the Silent Conversation
    20% voting representation in the Atoll corporation for the Silent Conversation
  • Overall plan: large percentage of operational assets to revert to worker controlled states.
  • Actual structure of worker-ownership to be decided upon by Silent Conversation deliberations.
  • Rather than nationalizing or granting worker control to the entire Atoll corporation, spin off verticals (individual mining concerns, educational facilities, individual factories et cetera) into their own, worker-owned operations over time.
  • Leadership is necessary. Transition times from 2 to 10 years have been discussed with silent conversation.
  • Relying on Enterios employees within their existing infrastructure to report on how best to manage the transition, relying on the expertise of CAS-17 to guide the process.
  • Silent conversation steps in to determine which divisions are spun off, which are sunsetted and which are retained.
  • The existing staff of Atoll are willing to be retired from Atoll within the same transitional timeframe.

“These are decisions that are so fundamental to the planet that they belong with the representatives of the people.”