Raid on Enterios Facility Raises Thorny Questions

Earlier this afternoon, an Enterios Security team deputized Voyage Point locals to begin an investigation into an Enterios Facility that had been generating abnormal energy readings. The group climbing to the mountain facility found two hired thugs, one of which was an android, guarding an illegal medical experimentation facility. The facility was being run by two former members of the oft-renegade Enterios science devision who had been officially fired, but still seemed to have the budget and institutional authorization to continue their experiments.

Said experiments involved absolute cruelty on repeated and consistent brain surgery on an individual they identified as having broken Enterios law. Said criminal had their brain cut into repeatedly, ostensibly to study the effect of regrown brain tissue under the effect of a health hub, seeing if a brain that is forced to regrow tissue by the health hub will differ. The doctors claimed to have offered freedom after the procedure’s completion, but what sort of freedom may come after experimental brain surgery was never clarified.

Unconfirmed reports state that executives from both Triskele and Enterios present attempted to try and find ways to keep the scientists, Doctors Jett and Vai, from facing justice for their crimes through means of employment.

The scientists were apprehended, and the experiment subject was taken to the Med Bay, where a painful, lengthy procedure to remove the wires and other alterations made to their body began. Said subject is in the custody of the New Gyr Militia. The two rogue Enterios researchers are, as of this publication, in the custody of Enterios Security rather than the New Gyr Militia, for more on that read our article about Valiant chief Coltrane Paradigm.