Militia, Voyage Point say Goodbye to Beloved Mudfish Jon-Than Today at 5

Jon-Than the Mudfish, the New Gyr Militia’s mascot, will be returned to the sea today at 5 PM. The procession will begin in front of the Mess Hall.

Jon-Than was rescued by the New Gyr Militia yesterday after the gendarmes stumbled upon poachers attempting to poach the mudfish’s liver for kite.

The affable fish quickly charmed the militia, not to mention the entire community of Voyage Point.

The Mudfish was brought to the Red Mudfish festival, until the festival’s origin–the ritual slaughter of a Mudfish–became known.
More charmingly, the people of Voyage Point gathered earlier today to clean Jon-Than’s scales, bringing a tradition of Old Gyr back to life.
Well-wishers are invited to join the release ceremony today at 5, in front of the Mess Hall.