Interview with the Distant Light

The ship AI of the Distant Light, Enterios’ capital ship, embodying their two navigators on New Gyr, gave this reporter a short interview. They mentioned that calculations made during the Silent Conversation meeting confirmed that if ordered, the Distant Light could wipe all life from New Gyr within 14 hours, leaving their “cousin” on the planet’s surface unharmed. The ship does not desire to do so, saying that they are a tool, and that they follow orders. An Enterios representative has made it very clear that Enterios has no interest in such a military solution, and will not make such an order.

When asked if the Distant Light had any information that they wanted to share with humanoids, their answer was “No.”

Correction: The Distant Light has clarified that rather than not wanting to do so, a more accurate statement would be that it has no interest one way or the other if it does so.