Action Report: Live from the Battle for Free New Gyr

Your acting editor, Darling Ven-rett, is here.

New Gyr is under attack by combat androids sent by Enterion to claim the nodes. These nodes, clandestinely installed without will of the people or Gyran traditions, or with the Silent Conversation’s approval, represent the precise injustices that led to Enterion’s humiliating defeat at the ballot box.

New Gyran citizens, local-born and those from off-planet, voted to toss Enterios off planet, with the vote strongly in favor of either non-corporate or local Gyran corporate control, non-corporate winning by a convincing margin.

Enterios corporate strongarming has let to off-planet assaults by combat androids on the people of New Gyr–baseline, augment, evo, innate and artificial intelligence alike.
With a strong vote of affirmation that all sentience shall be granted personhood, the defenders of New Gyran freedom are standing strong–bloodied but proud–in the face of assault by Enterioan military-black-ops grade combat androids.

Hold us in your hearts and minds, citizens of the galaxy, as New Gyr fights for the right of self determination.