10 Things About Capital Ships You Never Knew But Needed To!

Okay. You’re hearing about ships being alive. You’re not a navigator, you don’t know anything about this. But now you’re being asked to vote on if they should be considered people. So, what is a Capital Ship anyway?  Here’s 10 amazing facts!

  1. Capital Ships are very old! All the Capital Ships in existence are Ancient Relics, salvaged from pre-Eschaton ruins! That means over 6000 years old, and probably much much older!
  2. We can’t build Capital Ships. The Ancient Technology used to make them is beyond our current comprehension. Maybe more study of the ancient tech under New Gyr could help though!
  3. Capital Ships create Wormholes. The wormholes they create can then be used by smaller ships to travel through. But, WATCH OUT! Those wormholes are not permanent, and if a Capital Ship hasn’t visited a star system in a while, the wormhole you need to get there might just disappear! Oh no!
  4. Capital Ships require Multiple Navigators! These special augments can  commune directly with the ship’s intelligence, and working with it allow them to plot a course, make wormholes, and travel through space! Normal ships can get by with one, but a Capital Ship needs at least two to operate!
  5. Capital Ships can be POWERFUL! Just one Capital Ship can ruin a planet, making it uninhabitable! Our conventional military strategies can’t cope with these Ancient Superweapons. Most Capital Ships aren’t that heavily armed though.
  6. Capital Ships are RARE! There’s about a dozen still in existence. Enterios has the Distant Light. The Colonial Congress has two. Baryos has one. Triskele doesn’t have any. Admiral Therra has perhaps the most powerful one.
  7. Capital Ships are ALIVE. The ancient intelligence that governs them has until now only been able to communicate through the psychic bond they have with their Navigators. Now they’ve learned how to communicate through them, and we hope that we can remain friends!
  8. Capital Ships have personalities! Just like people, different ships behave and think differently! How exciting!
  9. Capital Ships can swap bodies with their Navigators! This is new! It’s a technique based on trusting consent, and it allows the ship to communicate with us directly!
  10. Capital Ships are related to other Ancient Tech! Who knows what sort of benefits and technological advances we can get if a Capital Ship can teach us directly! Wow!