Member of Silent Conversation in bed with Enterios

Recent investigation has revealed that the Dor Len Sono princess, Dido Sou Roda, andĀ Fission Endeavor, the head of Enterios: New Gyr have been involved romantically. Princess Dido Sou Roda, a known advocate for Augment and AI rights who sits on the Silent Conversation, is not an Android as some rumors have stated. It is expected that either the Princess will be asked to leave their position on the Silent Conversation, or that Endeavor will be asked to leave thier position at Enterios and marry the Princess.

Dor Len Sono Princess Sou Roda gently touches the nose of Fission Endeavor, head of Enterios New Gyr. The two were recently observed being intimate together.

The princess was the center of controversy last night, when a discussion with a local Enterios-built android grew dangerous. No one was hurt, except for the android, property of a local New Gyran, whose attempt at starting a dialogue with the princess did not go over well.

Fission Endeavor was unavailable for comment. Princess Dido Sou Roda made a statement about her commitment towards working to make New Gyr, and the galaxy a better place.