Enterios In Talks To Leave New Gyr

At the Silent Conversation’s private meeting today, the Silent Conversation and CAS-17 had a meeting to discuss Enterios leaving New Gyr and transferring their holdings to local New Gyr corporation Atoll.

CAS-17 explained to the members of the Silent Conversation that because the public opinion of Enterios is so poor, that they are now considering the ownership of New Gyr to be a “toxic asset” and will be selling their ownership of it to Atoll, which CAS-17 will be personally investing money to become a minority holder of 20% of the stock. As CEO and CFO of Enterios, CAS-17 is currently in negotiations with CAS-1 for the specifics of the deal. CAS-17 also revealed that one of the Enterios Board of Directors was almost certainly responsible for the death of the previous Speaker of the Silent Conversation, and with their imminent removal, expects no serious obstacles towards enacting this plan.

CAS-17 expressed concerns that should Triskele instead take up the position that Enterios currently has on New Gyr, that of running the planet, that the ancient AI (which apparently CAS-17 has been in some form of communication with) would take offense at Triskele’s policy of capping the intelligence of Artificial Intelligence, and might take anger against the galaxy in response. The argument was that if sentiment against Enterios continues to fall, that some form of armed rebellion might occur, creating chaos that was believed to be unacceptable.

The idea is that Atoll, being a New Gyr-based company would be able to do the same sorts of financial support of the New Gyr that Enterios is locally, but being local would gain more support from the general public, who would be unaware that CAS-17 wasn’t just an investor and occasional advisor, but would be effectively using Atoll to get around public perception of Enterios’ actions. An Atoll representative explained that the financial influx would allow for greater industrial growth on New Gyr.

Felix Dynamo of Axion Banking, would be providing the additional funding beyond what is in CAS-17’s personal holdings to get Atoll the financial stability needed to ensure that the transfer of holdings goes through. Dynamo, while also a powerful banker, is also a money launderer for the intergalactic criminal organization known as the Downcity Partnership, which has made several attempts on this reporters life for attempts on exposing their corruption, and Dynamo’s connection to that organization in the past.

This reporter acknowledges that they violated the sanctity of the Silent Conversation though listening in on their private session with CAS-17, and by doing so violated the laws of New Gyr. He is willing to accept the punishment for speaking the truth, and not allowing the Silent Conversation to do business with a member of organized intergalactic crime.