CORRECTION: Confused Valiant Commander lets Merchant Decide Suspect’s Punishment

Correction: The individual in the article identified as a commander of the New Gyr Militia, Commander Paradigm, is in fact a commander of Enterios’ Valiant Security.

A Smash and grab at the Academy Graduation Welcome Gala interrupted a star-studded gala at the Event Horizon bar. Dale Kormas, Media Director for Valiant Security, stated a local thief snatched several Gyran bracelets from a local artisan, fled through security, and was pursued out onto the street where he was eventually struck in the leg with a blade and brought into the local clinic.

This run-of-the-mill crime became more interesting when the New Gyr Militia came to the scene, led by Commander Paradigm. The commander flipped through a schedule of fines, unsure what the punishment for theft should be, finally suggesting the crime bears the same punishment as hacking.

Apparently seeking surety in his professional assessment, Paradigm turned to Basanti Ral Mina, a Dor Len serving as local merchant organizer, and consulted with her as to the appropriateness of the punishment. Basanti was given final say over the fine. Afterwards, Basanti remarked, “But with Militia and Security splitting duties, I think I’m reasonably concerned about the overlap.”