Hello New Gyr!

We at the Colonial News Bulletin office on New Gyr are proud to announce the launch of our new digital format. We hope that this is pleasing to the eye and will be an informative source of news, opinions and information for everyone across the Galaxy, including New Gyr celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its founding.

We’re still working out a few things such as categories and getting some of the older stories in place (to be honest there was an issue with the backups and some Ottsalian Whiskey that I don’t want to get into; so we might not get those up for some time). However given the 30th Anniversary of the found of New Gyr around the corner, we will be summarizing some of the important stories of the past 30 years.

Also we hope to get some opinion pieces together as we can tell from the old comments section you all have (the Ottsalian Whiskey spilling on the backups may not have been accidental). However we hope to vet some of our more … enthusiastic commentators and maintain a high quality of journalistic standards and integrity that you’ve expected from this publication for the past 60 years … and for our last 30 on New Gyr.

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