The Contents of this Evening’s Ballot

Provided to the Colonial News Bulletin by the Silent Conversation, here is the precise text of tonight’s ballot.

Question One:

What corporate organization(s) should the Silent Conversation negotiate a treaty and economic trade arrangement with? Rank choices 1-6 based on preference, with 1 being your top choice and 6 being your last choice.

  1. Enterios
  2. Atoll
  3. Triskele
  4. None
  5. All Three
  6. Triskele and Atoll

Question Two:

Should human-like sentient beings be granted the full legal status of personhood?*

  1. Yes
  2. No

* “human-like” in this context has been clarified to refer to capacity of intelligence and not shape of body, explicitly including Ship AI as among those who would be granted the full legal status of personhood.

Question Three:

Should New Gyr join the Colonial Congress as a member world, with all the responsibilities and rights that that entails?

  1. Yes
  2. No