Reczak Taizon Arrested For Murder

Enterios Chairman of the Board Reczak Taizon was arrested for the murder of the previous SIlent Conversation speaker, Fen Ga-Ryn, and for the attempted murder of an investigator looking into said case, Séjek Hatsén.

Taizon is being held in a secure facility several hours away, according to reports.

A communication from Taizon to our editor, currently unavailable, reads as follows:

Jacek, I have an exclusive statement to give you direct from this cell to which I have been unjustly confined. On some very flimsy evidence, witnesses, bits of paper, last words of dying men, the Militia has dared to arrest me for the murder of Speaker Ga-ryn. This is preposterous and an abusive of power! Detaining me is an overreach of the Militia’s authority and is wholely unecessary (sic) for one of my good standing and non-violent nature. Any other reports you get on this matter must reflect this lest we need to sue for defamation!
 The Colonial News Bulletin would like to remind readers that factual reporting on arrests does not count as defamation under New Gyr law.


Reczak Taizon moments after his attempted assassination by Sawyer Ry-gen